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The Occult Online and Uphyca

This documentary (in two parts) explores modern witchcraft on the example of Uphyca online group formed in 2013 in Japan. There are some great quotes in the film and some refreshing perspective so really it’s worth watching for everyone into magick.

If the film inspire you to learn more about Uphyca you can read an article about it on tumblr  explaining what the group is into. Maybe you will feel inspired to join in and lit a candle or bonfire on Wednesday:

The regular ritual of Uphyca so far is Wendnesday Fire Ritual which be held on every Wednesday. With listening to the audio data of guided meditation from 23:00 to 23:30, the members meditate the fires which are burning in the world then and serve to some astral works. This ritual is announced public in SNS such as twitter so non-members can participate in it as just liting their small fire for their own meditations during the time. It’s like a open Mass through cyberspace.

I certainly feel inspired to do it. Wednesdays have been my chosen night for magick since quite a long time. I like idea of embracing nuclear energy as an aspect of fire.  Chernobyl explosion happened when I was a child. Later I would find a lot of 4 leaf clovers. They suppose to bring luck and I felt very happy finding so many. They still grow around Eastern Europe in great numbers. If you’re lucky you can even find 8 leafed ones! I have a little book with some of the clovers I found. They will be my personal symbol for nuclear energy in my meditation.


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  1. It was an interesting documentary. It is rare that ritual comes across so well on film. Credit to the film makers as well as the magicians involved for that.

    It was interesting to see the subtitles for what was obviously a Japanese version of Pete Carroll’s Baphomet litany. Not sure if it was the translation into Japanese and back into English resulted in the interesting variation, or whether it was a deliberate modification. Either way quite interesting.

    Bangi, the male magician in the video, did the translation into Japanese of the talk I did in Tokyo at the international conference. He also lead some interesting workshops at that event, one on magical dance stands out for me. Fond memories…

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