Lolita Perdurabo

Ancestral Worship and the Crone.


My Grandmother Liga passed away in November last year. She was a cheerful plump granny. She loved playing cards, drinking wine and smoking cigarettes. She believed in medicinal qualities of both drugs. She studied the Bible and was keeping a family tree in her cupboard. I recall some things she used to say and do. The most amusing were her war stories about handsome German soldiers. The casual way of saying them was the most funny element to them. “This German soldier was so handsome! …and he even tried to shoot me!”. One of the stories she would tell me over and over again was about German doctor he gave her some morphine for her period pains. She described the experience as “the most wonderful feeling in the world”.


After she died I began dreaming about her and also dreaming about different old women. One of them was my great grandmother who was a witch and a troll painter and I call her Granny Troll. I do not know of any ancestor fitting this description but in the dream she definitely was my great grandma. In another dream the old woman appeared as a priestess on my wedding. I recognized her to be Leonora Leet.  The archetypal Crone definitely reached out to me.

I decided to combine the characteristic of this archetypes and my dead grandmother to create a very personal worship of the Crone. I put  a wooden statue of a Crone on my altar, lit up candles and infused the air with Bulgarian rose oil my granny used to wear instead of perfumes. I also made omelet called Grzybek (small mushroom) that she used to make for my birthday. I ate it with a cup of wine and played patience game she taught me. It was a very nice way to honour my grandmother and all the wise women, archetypal and real.



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  1. trace says:

    I read this with great interest @Lolita, thank you for posting it.
    I think I am beginning to understand the feel of some of these ancient ideas/beings etc. I’m never sure what I could do with all the interesting stuff that I learn. However.. it’s always very inspiring, and makes me feel more alive.

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  2. Reilus says:

    Nice work! Thank you for sharing. =) I’ve made certain arrangements in my practice with certain of my ancestors as well. It’s allowed me to help people in my family, subtly. Oddly enough, two started having mystical experiences; I may direct one toward shamanism depending on her feedback. But, the mystical experiences they had were both personal and helpful. I didn’t enchant for that, I simply wanted to help them through a tough time and that was the result.

    @trace, making you feel more alive seems great to me. Most of the more accomplished Adepts I’ve met admit that is what draws them to the Work in the first place. Dr. Stephan Hoeller will not accept anything less; he tends to meet anything else with “give me a break”. =)

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