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My responce to ‘Not Working Enough’

My response to not working enough:

I feel very angry about this. I feel that the reality we live in is turning into a pure darkness. The worst nightmares seem to be coming true. We need to act on every existing level, social, personal, magickal, political and all other ones that I can’t think of off top of my head. There is so many people out there pushing for a change. There are so many groups and individuals doing things everyday. We need everyone to jump on board. Tare the illusion that money means wealth and happines, that social standing reflect value of a person and that hard work gives you money and social standing. All it gives is a hard life regardless of your income.


The power of the elite (financial or other) is a form of illusion sustained by the societys believe in it. If we challenge the believe in its power it will vanish. We need to do it. Show the world elites on their knees. Show how weak and confused they are, show their petty life with their petty problems, laugh at them, show that homeless drunks have more intelligence, dignity and integrity than those who think that they can rule others. Unlike such people, homeless drunks realise they have a problem when they do and they do not think that they deserve what happens to them. They have a greater capacity for love and happiness than rich people addicted from power and money, socially isolated and totally out of control in their lives.

Fortune brings misfortune.


We should challenge every representation of authoritarianism, elitism, classicism, sexism, racism and every other form of ‘divide and rule’. We should challenge every manifestation of it in ourselves, our friends and families, institutions and so on. We should be more confident. If someone says bullshit not let them talk you into it, do not let them shut you up but confidently oppose their views. Say you do not want to be indoctrinated by them because you think their point of view fits in with the looser script.


I think the only way to do the above is through intense magickal revolution on the innermost level. We need to radiate confidence, joy, wisdom, happiness. We should fight the system within ourselves.




I refuse to believe in power of money! I desecrate the money and all it stands for. It never got me anything worth living for. Everything that money gives has to be paid for!!! That’s why you EARN it! If even for a moment you believe money will improve your life you can considered yourselves possessed by their charm. Exorcise!


No paid entertainment can compare with joy I feel when strolling through woods, looking at flocks of geese flying above my head, watching sparrows pecking on seeds, holding hand of my loved one and being with people who mean a lot to me. I live for love and friendship and wonders that can grow FREELY from cooperation between all the life forms in the universe. No one can take it away, tax it, price it or own it.


I want to share this with others. I want everyone to work less!!! Buy and spend less, create more and give more freely! We need to abandon the current model of enslavement by developing society of individuals who can trust each other, believe in each other and work together not against each other. We need to build this new society and make the financial reward system obsolete and inadequate. We need to become more confident that we know the answers, trust ourselves and not the ones hopelessly believing in the looser script (including the 1% in here) telling us there’s nothing we can do. We can eradicate it. We need to support each other on this. Let’s make our life a living proof that the looser script do not hold true.


No single answer for everyone! No golden solution! Simply follow what feels right on a deepest level and challenge everyone who criticise you for it. Do not compare yourself with others! Each one of us lives differently, thinks differently, needs differently and gives differently. Each one of us lives unique live and can not be replaced. Each one of us brings more spirit, more wisdom and beauty into the world by simply living. Celebrate this. Be angry optimists!




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  1. Reilus says:

    I don’t think the right jobs are available either. Part of that is because people don’t seem to want to prepare themselves for the job market, but the cost of living is out of control, taxes are out of control, and so how can people be expected to retrain when they can barely make ends meet? Still, I can see how investors are not going to want to lower rents when they’re taxed half to death and they’re lucky to have single digit profit margins after two years of losses unless they’re one of those BIG businesses. So, we can’t make this about rich vs poor, its about the bureaucracy and their crony corporations — which are very few in number — that took over like the Nomenclature of the Soviet Union to tax the hell out of everyone and point the fingers at several groups while winking at everyone.

    Think of two kids stealing cookies from the cookie jar. Mom asks who did it and they both point at each other; they’re both telling part of the truth and together they reveal all. When you come across a man who desperately points at everyone around him, he’s either the victim of group on individual violence or he’s trying desperately to blame anyone but him. You’re going to have a hard time convincing me the most powerful corporations, the most powerful bureaucrats, and the past leaders who comprise these power cartels are victims of group violence by the masses in 2013.

    So, let’s put blame where blame is due. We are looking at a very small number of corporations — from various nations — and others aforementioned. Let’s make sure we don’t lose sight of who’s turning the screws.

    I think the most compelling portion of this is that government is willing to spend money to have these inspectors, or whatever you want to call them, preside over this debacle like corporate efficiency experts. Essentially, the system is not trying to expand the options or consider alternatives through trial and error. They’ve decided the only answer is more government and the people want too much and it is time to put a bit of stick about because resources are scarce and they want to protect their positions. It’s as if you’re chasing a burglar through your house so that you can apprehend him and dump him at the nearest police station but he’s throwing furniture and lighting fixtures at you as he desperately scrambles for an exit.

    This is horrible because they’re only creating a larger mess and kicking the can down the road. I suppose people who lose their benefits can get jobs helping others to lose their benefits and then you’ll need another layer of bureaucracy to administrate the failures of this one. It no longer pays to be productive in the West; the new system is to use the system to steal from others. Sometimes the rich steal from the poor, and sometimes the poor steal from the rich. Socialism cuts both ways in my opinion.

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  2. Zeezsh says:

    I see the problems as different levels of mind control:

    enforced ‘education’.

    subliminal advertising.


    subliminal messaging.

    predictive programing

    false flags (9/11 etc)

    staged events (Boston Bombing, Aurora, Sandy Hook etc)

    occult sorcery/black magick (this was what 9/11 was. A mega ritual aimed at people unconscious)

    their so-called ‘war on drugs’ which includes war on psychedelics/sacred medicine which means a war on consciousness

    their myth of ‘mental illness’ which coerces people and children to have to believe their ar soft robots living in a meaningless dead world, and that if they are not feeling alright it means their ‘chemical are unbalanced’ and they need psychiatric ‘medication’

    All these mindcontrol strategies make up their matrix

    So we must see through this mindcontrol and that is undermining them!

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