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Seal Spirits ask for your help!

I had a horrible dream few night ago. I dreamed seals in the past but this time the dream wasn’t of me surrounded by seals but of me watching them die. I was watching them crawl onto a platform where they were ruthlessly shot and left to die. Soon more guns appeared in something that was a massive cull. My heart was broken but I watched having a  feeling that people need to know, need to see this and stop this. It was a very important dream. I woke up in the morning cuddling my fluffy seal toy and knowing that this was a cry for help from animals that are and always were so very important to me. I wasn’t sure what they wanted me to do but now I know.

Few days later I became aware of Anonymous Operation End the Seal Hunt ( #EndTheSealHunt @EndTheSealHnt) on Twitter and I also came across this petition:–stop-shooting-seals/

I signed it and posted a tweet with the #EndTheSealHunt tag. Hopefully the word will spread. Meanwhile please sign it too and boycott Scottish Salmon until the killing stops for good.

If you come across any other action against seal cull please post about it in the comments!

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