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Chocolate Plum Jam with Almonds


I collected some delicious plums from my garden and decided to make some jam. It’s my first jar this year and I decided to make it more special by adding some wonderful stuff to it. To me making jams, preserves, chutneys sand pickles from freshly picked fruits and vegetables is all about celebrating the season and the connection to the spirit of nature.

I used 800grams of pitted and halved plums, 800 grams of dark brown sugar, one glass of red grapefruit juice and one cup of almond flakes, plus 8 spoons of coca powder. I combined the ingredients in the largest pot I have and brought it all into boil. Now as the mixture requires stirring I began humming a troll tune, stumping, dancing and clasping my hands over the pot. This adds vital energy to any jam and improves the flavor. Licking the spoon is also a very important part of this ritual. The jam needs to know its tasty to fully develop!


After the mixture begins to boil (second picture ) you can begin staring into the chocolaty foam and observe emerging patterns. I definitely can see a bird shape in there, possibly a Mothman. I also observed a tree and a mushroom. At this point it’s worth to turn down the heat and leave the mixture to simmer, stirring occasionally, for around 2 hours or until it gets thick.

Once the jam becomes thick and creamy it is ready to be spooned out into a jar. Before doing so I added teaspoon of vanilla extract and almond flavoring and stirred it well one more time. I sterilized jars with boiling water and after drying  filled them with jam. To my joy not all the jam fitted in the jars so the little that was left went straight onto a toast. It tastes amazing!


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  1. Leo Holmes says:


    Janis (my wife) loved the recipe and reminded me we can sigilize food! She just gave a workshop on Culinary Magick last week here in Brazil…

    She noted you used both Plum and Almond, which happen to share the same genus, Prunus. They have Arabian origins and, in some traditions, Almond confers magickal protection and is also used for love. Plum has similar uses and additionally guards against evil.

    So we can assume that your delicious Chocolate Plum Jam with Almonds can be used to attract love and protect it against hexes. Finishing it with Vanilla strenghtens the love vibrations and Chocolate is also related to love. The bird shape can well be a dove, huh? Another love symbol!!!

    Great recipe (and powerfull antidote)!! We shall try it. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. @leoholmes Protection and love eh? Another reason to eat it other than it is delicious then…

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  3. lolita says:

    Thanks for commenting. The magickal significance of these ingredients makes a lot of sense to me. Admittedly I just grabbed things in my kitchen that felt right. I love spontaneous cooking.

    I find it curious that almonds and plums confer magickal protection. A close friend of mine did some healing for me recently and got an insight that some malevolent magic might have been sent my way. From further inquiry we worked out it could be coming from jealous ex partner. We proceeded with some protective and healing magick just in case.

    I might have another toast with jam to make sure I’m save.

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  4. Leo Holmes says:

    This is an interesting sign that your Augoeides/Daemon/HGA is looking after you and just informing you what substances you need to protect yourselves against this pain-in-the-neck ex-partner and get rid of this influence.

    I find it amazing how HGA functions in this sense: In past, we felt the need to drink Olive tea, which I personally found weird although I liked the taste in the end… years later we discovered Olive’s leaves are magically used to break hexes and ptotect love too.

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  5. lolita says:

    Augoeides/Daemon/HGA – the Inner Troll.

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