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Bird Magick

Birds became very prominent in my life since we moved to the Loch Ness area but I have had a magickal connection to them for some time. Five years ago I painted two gourds. I bought them in Krakow when visiting for the first time after  moving away. These gourds resemble geese in shape and I painted them to reflect that. They became Chaos Geese- creation goddesses from the Egyptian myths. The connection to geese was the first step. Interestingly geese fly above our heads all autumn, winter and spring as they pass Loch Ness on their migratory routes.


Myself painting the gourds.

Myself painting the gourds.

Geese flying pass my house.

Since we moved here we set up a bird feeder and I did a lot of work on the garden, most notably the small pond which makes our garden perfect for birds. We get so many birds visiting and immediately we began feeling a deep connection to them. It is especially so for the sparrow. We nick named them ‘troll birds’ because of their funny behaviors. It turns out that sparrows were thought of as household spirits and we feel they definitely fit this. We also have an interesting connection to robins. I could go on about significance of different birds in our (mine and Anton’s) life. That’s why I began writing a book.


Sparrows feeding in my garden

Birds appear in my dreams on a regular basis, always with a strong significant message. My book has a working title Bird Magick and what I’m focusing on is what I call Bird Language. It’s an ability to communicate with the spirits of the birds to gain wisdom and knowledge. Interestingly in the Slavic cultures birds were thought to fly to the land of the dead for the winter.

Communicating with birds took on a new meaning for me recently. After visiting Krakow in spring I obtained a Garuda object. Apparently it came from the Tashilumpo monastery in Tibet. I felt very strong potent energy coming from this object.


Garuda object.

Next day I was doing recordings of birds in a park. I always get into a very deep meditation during my recordings. This time I began hearing drumming and the sound transformed into an amazing, strange bird music. I felt inspired to make it and I felt this inspiration originated with Garuda.After coming back to U.K. I recorded the rhythm on my sister’s drum. Now I bought my own drum, which I use to create bird music. Once I created first three tracks of it we listen to it and danced. I felt that subliminal messages were received during the resulting trance.


Recording the birds in Krakow

There is also another strange synchronicity with Garuda. The seller told me that the monks were reluctant to sell the object to him and that it was in the temple for along time. I decided to contact the temple and find out if selling this object was an act of desperation. I wouldn’t want to contribute to plunder. It turns out that Tashilumpo, like many other temples has been cut off from the rest of the world. There is a re-established temple in India but they are not in contact with the monastery. I asked to foreword the message that this Garuda is in hands of someone who deeply respects it and treats it as a sacred object.

Last June my Dad died unexpectedly. My sisters friend was in India at the time and got in trouble. My sister promised to help him. He then said that he was in contact with Brahmins and upon telling them about my Dad’s death they decided to perform the Book of the Dead rite for his passing. Of course there is no clear, objective link between the two events but somehow magickally I feel this was connected to Garuda. Note the connection between the land of the dead and birds! My dad traveled to India in his youth. I feel very happy that he received this ceremony on top of his Catholic burial.

My Dad’s funeral.

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  1. Leo Holmes says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Lolita!

    It is curious that you also mentioned the Robins. My wife (she is British) also feels that connection and keeps Robins dear to her heart from her childhood memories in UK and I believe her bird totem is actually a Robin. My father in law got recently back from Lincolnshire and brought her a beautiful tea cup with a Robin motif and two cute Robin resin/porcelain figures.

    My father in Law lives in a Brazilian rainforest area, a Law protected area actually, and he has bird feeders everywhere. Hummingbirds, parrots, pigeons various types, swallows, sparrows and many others are everywhere in and out of his house all the time, disputing the food with squirrels, possums and other rodents and marsupials… its really magickal.

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  2. It has been quite a journey magickally for me to be with you as the bird magick has unfolded in our lives. I’m looking forward to the book you will eventually write on the subject.

    @leoholmes Robins are very special in the UK. The same robins on the European mainland are apparently a lot more timid than the ones in Britain, which a lot more fearless around humans. Your father in laws places sounds amazing. One day, Lolita and I must travel to see a rain forest.

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  3. Leo Holmes says:

    Hey, @Anton, I cannot speak in the name of my Father in Law, but anyways we can always bribe him with Salt&Vinegar Crisps and Guiness (or Jameson)…LOL so… you are both most welcome at anytime!!

    But avoid winter… otherwise it will be just like Glasgow
    He lives in Rio de Janeiro’s highlands, we have just visited him for a week ten days ago and had to sleep in front of the fireplace… brrrr!!

    We unfortunately don’t have Erithacus genus in Brazil, our closest cousings being thrushes, especially Turdus rufiventris (Sabi√°-Laranjeira – which translates from indigenous and portuguese words meaning something like “the-popular-singing-bird-of-the-orange-tree”).

    I’m sure you two would love Brazilian Fauna and Flora.

    Ah, check our every morning companion! in the picture!

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  4. lolita says:

    Thanks for a lovely reply! I would love to travel to Brazil one day. I can imagine what wonderful sound recordings I could do in there! The mug with robin is mega cute! I started seeing robins again in my garden. In last few months they weren’t visible but shorter days means they come back. I feel real joy seeing them again. Soon the season for the geese will start!

    @anton Yes! I find this journey wonderful as well. It was you who noticed importance of birds in my life and suggested I write about it. Thanks for that.
    When we seat together and watch sparrows in the garden, I know I found the person I want to spend my life with.

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  5. lolita says:

    I recently began associating Robins with assertiveness and ability to place and respect boundaries. Robins are very territorial which reflect this. Here is a robin photographed by Loch Ness.

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  6. Leo Holmes says:


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