Lolita Perdurabo

Magick fat ball.

magic-suetThis is an interesting magick fat ball for birds. I began working with Bird Magick since I moved to Inverness. I suddenly noticed birds are everywhere and they come to me. I can’t help but think there is something special about them and I decided to connect to them. I find feeding birds very pleasurable. I read about making fat balls for them at home and this gave me an idea for this enchantment. I melted 3 tabs of lard, added bird seeds, some cranberry and apple, a little bit of honey and peanut butter. I colored the fat ball by adding a tiny amount of beetroot powder. I left the suet to set in coconut shells and chose different intention for each fat ball. I concentrated on each intention for a while and then put the fat balls out on my bird feeder.

The fun element was watching what kind of bird comes first to each suet. It happened to be a robin. They are very special little fellows bringing courage, curiosity and renewal. The next bird to approach the suets was a blue tit. They are little timid birds but very clever.  In the long run birds who favor my suet best are blackbirds. The bill markings on the suet above are surely made by them. Blackbirds are associated with the otherworld, healing, creativity and sexual temptation. It’s a great feeling to see how these bird are eating up my fat balls and releasing the magick.



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