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Bohemian Waxwing

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Couple of days after winter solstice my garden was visited by an unusual flock of birds. They came over and sat at the top of an apple tree and after short moment flew away. They came back the next day doing exactly the same. I recognized they are a new type of bird because of their size: bigger than sparrow but smaller than blackbird. I also noticed crests. The amazing colors of these birds weren’t as visible as they could because I saw them more as silhouettes on the tree branches.

waxwings 02

Every bird that visits my garden or indeed every bird I meet means something to me and I decided to find out more about them. Waxwings are unusual birds in many ways. They are very sociable and anarchistic. They have no pecking order in their groups and they share supplies with each other. They even have their own ritual of sharing a berry which they often do as part of mating but they also do similar thing in general. They are nomadic traveling to places where the food is in abundance, therefore their arrival and departure are unexpected and chaotic. This habit gave them the name Bohemian. Because of nomadic lifestyle they are not territorial and do no have their own song to guard their living space. Another unusual habit of these birds is getting drunk on fermented fruit. True party spirits!

The message from the waxwings is very clear: find friends, share and party with them!!! I find it an amazing thought during the festive time and especially because I am in a new city and don’t have friends as yet. It’s a good sign.

I decided to strengthen the magick and leave some berries and fruit as an offering to bohemian spirit of the waxwing and enchant for new friends and good parties.

Offerings for the bohemian spirit of the waxwing



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  1. Well, judging by the yule/new years we’ve just had, the enchantment has started to work.

    And the wax wings returned…

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