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Plant Alchemy- Green Beauty.

For a few years now I have been researching Abramelin Oil and Incense recipes. This took me on a journey of exploration into the world of plants and potions. I found it not only very interesting but also life changing. I am still not anywhere near finishing my exploration and research. Both are greatly hindered by me doing my degree. None-the-less plants entered my life and surrounded me with their loving and caring properties. I guess I am being good avoiding the poisonous effects so far or otherwise I put them to good use.


One of the important changes my research brought into my life came from careful consideration of ingredients of pretty much anything I use around my home. Avoiding unnecessary chemicals saves me money and makes me feel much better. I feel more connected to plants and the Earth and what’s the most important to my own body. Getting into ‘green beauty’ for me required a lot of discipline and attention. Anything involving changing of habits can be approached as transmutation and it certainly felt this way to me. I see it as the Albedo stage of Alchemy. I adjusted my lifestyle and diet and still feel I can do more and progress in this direction. It really set me on the path of detoxifying my body and strengthening it. Plants play crucial role in this process.


I find this process a hard work but on the other hand it’s also a lot of fun. It’s definitely very rewarding. I decided to share my joy and success with you by sharing some of my best recipes. Try them and see for yourself!


I would like to begin with scrubs.


Reading about skin care I got to conclusion that the less you do to your skin the better so if you can not shave and scrub at all than that’s perfect. This applies also to moisturising your skin. Ideally you wouldn’t need it at all. However I find occasional scrub irresistible. This only applies to my home made scrubs because I find them working much better than bought stuff.


Here are my favourite base ingredients for a scrub:


Fine Sea Salt,

Fine Sugar,

Rice Flour


Olive Oil,

Aloe Vera Gel.



I never tried using all 6 ingredients at once to be honest.

The Aloe Vera, honey and oil help to make the grainy powder into applicable consistency and they also moisturise the skin. The olive oil will leave a greasy layer on your skin which I find pleasant but you do not want to use a towel after scrub with olive. I did this mistake and after the repeated use my towel was ruined. The oil doesn’t want to wash off. So if you do use the olive just let your skin dry off naturally. Also make sure you buy Light & Mild Olive Oil if you don’t want the smell of olive on your skin.


Making the base for scrub simply require mixing some sugar or salt with any of the moisturisers. I sometimes use both oil and honey in the same scrub. Begin adding very little oil, honey or aloe and mix well until you find the consistency easy to spread on your hands.


The fun and pleasure of making scrubs begin with additional ingredients such as essential oils, flower powders etc. To make it more appealing I will give you my four favourite recipes.


1. Intense Coffee Scrub:


I love using this scrub in the morning or before going out when I would appreciate the caffeine boost. It does works like a small espresso. Salt can be a little aggressive so never use it on sensitive skin and never after you shave! I learn this on my own skin and it was very painful! This scrub feels very intense so I use it occasionally or only on my feet. I don’t use it on my face.


Ingredients: (approximate measures)


Fine Sea Salt 5 table spoons,

Ground coffee 1-2 table spoons,

1 tea spoon of honey,

some olive oil,

A few drops of essential oils of orange and frankincense.


Mix all ingredients together adding the oil at the end. I prefer using this scrub on a wet skin because on a dry skin it feels a bit harsh. Wash it off carefully to make sure no salt or coffee grain are left on your skin. After leaving shower just put on a bathrobe and let the skin dry itself. The oil remaining on your skin will give it a scent of coffee, orange and frankincense and will act like a balsam so you won’t need to apply anything else to your skin afterward. I love the feeling of it.


The only down side of this scrub is that it is a little messy. Coffee grains can stick to wet walls and oil rinsed of can leave slightly greasy layer on the bath so make sure to wash it and be careful not to slip on it.


2.Sweet Vanilla and Rose scrub.


This scrub is more delicate. It’s very sweet so it might not be good for everyone. I like to use it in the evening on all my body and sometimes my face.


Ingredients: (approximate measures)


5 table spoons of Vanilla Sugar

1-2 table spoons of rose petal powder

some olive oil,

A few drops of rose and lemon-grass essential oils.


Mix the ingredients like in the previous recipe. I sometimes add only the rose and sometimes also the lemon grass depending on my mood. This scrub is easier applied to dry skin. Water make sugar melt very quickly and rose powder on its own is too soft to act a s a scrub. After rinsing let your skin dry like in the previous recipe. This scrub like the previous one is messy so take care in the shower not to slip.


3.Lazy warming scrub.


If you don’t like the hassle caused by the other two scrubs this might suit you better. I prefer this scrub also when I’m in a hurry because it’s simple. I use it on my body avoiding face and sensitive areas.




5 table spoons of fine sea salt

Some Aloe Vera Gel,

Essential oils of cinnamon leaf and ginger,

A few drops of lemon juice or rose water. (optional)


This scrub doesn’t leave a greasy layer on a bath and your skin so you can dry with a towel and don’t need to worry about the mess. It still leaves your skin incredibly soft but the scent quickly vanishes. The essential oils of ginger and cinnamon leaf have warming properties. The scent is also very sweet and refreshing.


6.Face scrub.


This recipe uses rice flour, the most delicate out the three grainy ingredients. This makes sit too soft for the body so I reserve it for face and neck.



2 table spoons of rice flour,

1 teaspoon of honey,

some lemon juice or rose water (very little)


Combine the ingredients and apply to dry or wet skin massaging gently and rinse with plenty of water. I avoid using essential oils in face product because they often seem too strong and cause irritation. It probably comes from the fact that even one drop can be too much in a small quantity of powder and because natural cosmetics do not last I only make enough for one, two uses.

Really nice feature of this scrub is it’s flavor. If you do lick your lips you taste honey and lemon. I actually sometimes eat the unused scrub left in a cup.



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