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Working with Power animals – Seals

Dreaming and reading about seals and selkies awaken strong desire in me to go and see the seals in their natural environment. I heard there are huge colonies of seals in Wales and so I planned to go there for a holiday. We went there together with Anton last July. We stayed on a small camp site in a middle of nowhere near to Abberaidy beach and St.Davids. I did find many reviews mentioning seals so we were sure to find some.

We set out on a walk on a first day after breakfast. The weather was wonderful, hot and sunny. We walked along the cliffs on the coastal path. Views were magnificent. We could not help but stop and watch the sea below and sea birds drifting in the air. The sun was truly scorching. We were at the top of a very high cliff when Anton noticed first seal. She was basking on a rock down below. It was a pregnant female. We could say by her bloated belly. We watched and I filmed her on my handy cam. The zoom was like magnifying glass allowing me to see her better. She was turning her head and slightly moving the flippers. It seemed to be looking towards us. At some point she seemed to get some water in her nose because she shacked her head vigorously after bigger wave splashed on her face. It was difficult to make a move and leave her behind…We walked for a while not seeing any seals. We still stopped a lot to watch dramatic looking sea caves spread a long the shores. We were just looking at waves splashing underneath a stone arch when we noticed another basking seal. We decided to have a longer rest this time. It was midday and the heat became difficult to bear but there were seals! Many of them! We sat on a rock and  observed the basking one only to notice it’s actually two of them and many swimming round. Suddenly lots of heads popped out from underneath the water and looked at us with interest. We were completely captivated by them. Watching how they dive only to emerge from water few meters away was magnificent experience. We also hear their noises how the pregnant, fat females scare away other seals from their basking spots on the rocks, but some seals also howled. It was an amazing sound. I didn’t know they can do that! We were watching them and they watched us and one even seemed to wave back with it’s flipper! It was really fascinating mostly because they weren’t afraid of us. They didn’t mind us watching and they even seemed curious. I felt like I had an eye contact with them, especially one that pressingly stayed close to us and kept watching. I think we spent around three hours sitting on that rock and connecting with seals. Occasionally some people went pass. some didn’t even notice the seals and some only did because we had a camera pointing towards them. It felt like these seals were there for us as much as we were there to see them. We only left when we started getting really hungry and running out of water. It felt so strange to sit on this hot rock surrounded by dry grass in a scourging sun and heat and watching seals down there swiftly diving into cold, blue, clear waters. I felt almost jealous of them! They looked so happy and playful…

We came back to them next day and it was the same. We found it very hard to leave even after many hours spent on the rock. I have never seen wild animals from so close for so long and I have never felt such a strong connection to any. The feeling that we communicated and enjoyed each other company was very profound. They were so conscious of us and so playful. It seemed they show us tricks as well, how well they can dive, spin in the water, how beautiful voice they have and haw happy they are. Once a bigger group of people went pass the seal bay and the guy at the front noticed seals and shouted to his friends ‘Guys! 5 seals! As soon as he did that all 5 seals rapidly dived under water all 5 creating loud splash. I captured 2 on the film. I think they did that especially… we were watching them in silence, waving to them sometimes and they didn’t try hiding…

We came to them one more time but this time in pouring rain and wind. The weather turned terrible and there was a storm at sea. Violent waves smashing on cliffs with a fountains of foam shooting into the air. I was almost worried what the seals do in this conditions. Intuitively we knew they must be just fine but getting there and watching these creatures drifting on the waves really gave me an insight into how great endurance and power hey have. They obviously could not bask on their rocks but still they were playful and willing to pop their heads and watch us. They would feel the wave come and dive just before it. There can’t be a better way of getting to know your power animal than watch it in their environment and be able to interact with them.

Sometimes in magick we try to achieve something for ourselves and we could think that such experience doesn’t bring result of any kind but then if the purpose of this trip was to connect to my power animal I feel it was very successful in doing so. What’s even more important to me is the journey in itself. This to me was a very powerful magick. It was fulfilling my childhood’s dream to be with the seals. Now I feel like I became the sorceress that can make dreams come true, that I bridged the time and space and gave my child self helpful hand. It’s like rewriting history, changing past to influence the future. Seals as power animals bring with them a message to connect and listen to your inner self. They enhance dreams and give them significance and as I found from my experience they even communicate through dreams. I learned a lot from them and they changed my life in that in a long run I want to live near them, I would also love to learn diving so I can better understand their world.

The greatest wisdom of the seal is to be playful regardless of the weather!


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  1. Meeting the seals was pretty amazing. We sat and watched them for quite some time, almost as if in a trance. But the Pembrokeshire coast was itself pretty amazing anyway, so the whole walk to see them was enchanting even before we noticed them.

    Certainly going out and actually meeting animals in the wild makes more sense if you want to work with them magically than sitting in the middle of a city fantasising about them or solely having contact with them in captivity, such as in a zoo.

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  2. sparrowhawk says:

    It must have been a splendid experience. It might take some time before I get a chance of meeting my power animal in real life.

    Oh, btw – this might not be your cup of tea, but I’ll give it a shot :

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