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Psychopaths rule the world!

I feel shaken by an episode of The Horizon series on BBC entitled Are You Good or Evil? (available on iplayer till 21 Sept) and what psychiatrist discoveries imply. If you ever wondered about the great injustice in modern world they just may have the answer for it. I recommend watching the program but for those of you who can’t I will summarise below.


The psychiatrist studying serial killers came across basic difference in their behaviour to the ‘normal’ person- lack of empathy. The test was done on them and scientists recorded the reactions in them. They had no emotional response to emotionally charged words like rape for example. The empathy is linked to production of hormone in our bodies that is largely responsible for our morality. Even one year old children can choose between good and bad (selfish, inconsiderate behaviour). This findings suggest that our moral sense and therefore behaviour can be largely determined by chemistry of our bodies and not our choice as such. This study needed to be expanded so scientist decided to look at serial killers brains. This study shown that their brains are very different. 100% of serial killers brain scans shown the same abnormalities. The parts of the brain dis-functioning in each case are the Orbitofrontal cortex (part of the brain right above the eyes) and front part of the temporal lobe housing the Amygdala were the animals drives are. Both these areas of the brain are crucial for controlling compulsivity and emotions. Amazingly the scientist who was give the brain scans to analyse discovered that his own family has a history of murder and they all decided to take brain scans. He then discovered this changes in the brain are present in him. From there he decided to find out what made him different from the serial killers. His family wasn’t surprised at the result so different personality was there in him but he did not become a killer. The difference lied in childhood. He was a happy child whilst serial killers suffered abuse.

To sum it up science is now able to predict by brain scan and DNA tests if person is a psychopath. If this person has a happy childhood the chances that they will kill decrease, but if they aren’t happy they are at a very high risk of violent behaviour. But how does this applies to politicians and corporate leaders? As Dr Paul Babiack, author of the book ‘Snakes in Suitsart of the problem is that the very things we’re looking for in our leaders, the psychopath can easily mimic.[..]Their natural tendency is to be charming. Take that charm and couch it in the right business language and it sounds like charismatic leadership”. The survey was done and it discovered that one in 25 business leaders in America is a ‘successful psychopath’, that means psychopath who didn’t become a killer. That is 4 times as many as in the rest of population. What’s more significant this psychopaths tend to be at the top of organisations. As Babiack explains “corporate culture today is ideal for psychopaths” that is because they need thrilling jobs and constant change, they get easily bored and business and politics provides such environment. They get to a high position because of charisma but they perform rather badly. This sounds to me a perfect description of so many presidents and prime ministers and other authorities.


So what this finding implies is that one in 25 business leaders in America has no emotional life, no empathy and sees himself as centre of the universe. They don’t care about consequences of their actions, about other people or environment. They simply are cold and ruthless by nature and we are more likely to choose them to be our leaders. They are also really good at manipulating others using their charm, manipulation and intimidation. I feel this is more scary than most complex conspiracy theory but this is real!


To me this calls for drastic change in the way people choose who is the leader or rather another good reason  to abolish leaders. I would recommend  a brain scan to current politicians and corporate leaders and removing psychopaths from power all together but then would this be a new form of discrimination against minority. Or is it my moral self dooming me to be preyed upon by psychos who have the advantage of not giving shit about me? what are we going to do about it? It seems to me we can’t just accept the sad truth and get on with our life as if nothing changed. The moral implications of such debate are immense but those guys in power won’t care either way. I think we really need Global Anarchy as soon as possible and science just proved it. Meanwhile we probably will do ourselves a favour reading Snake in Suits to learn how to distinguish psychopaths in our environment and the governments.
Here I include a link to THE PSYCHOPATH – The Mask of Sanity  fascinating read if you want to know more and it’s free. I only just started reading but have a feeling it will be time well spent.

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  1. That is pretty scary actually. Its left me with the feeling of one of those weird sci-fi films where some parasitical aliens either inflect human hosts or are able to mimic humans and then begin to infiltrate high society. Or perhaps that common thread about a vampire conspiracy of elder vampires…

    Only this time its real. Okay these guys aren’t killers, at least not directly, but they have no problem making business decisions that put lives at risk because they simply don’t feel or care, even if logically they know its wrong.

    It would be interesting to know if politics also has a higher concentration of ‘successful psychopaths’ than the general population…

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  2. lolita says:

    Well it’s very probable if not certain. If you search internet you can find multiple sites making G.W. Bush psychopath check-lists like in this article

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  3. sparrowhawk says:

    This study actually shows how the current political system is constructed and what are its priorities. If inconsiderate people with no empathy can raise as successful leaders, it means the political world, the government and business are not about meeting people’s needs for they only encourage this sort of inconsiderate behaviour. What is the principle then? What are the governments and corporations for?

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  4. Steve says:

    As the programme unfolded it made *perfect* sense. For some time I have been reading articles in Private Eye magazine, wondering why certain people in such high positions within:

    * Local & National Government,
    * The Civil Service,
    * Charities and
    * Private Business

    were awarding themselves high salaries and claiming huge expenses whilst their departments/businesses often were incompetently managed or performed badly, failed in their purpose or effectively swindled shareholders. Then, when the game was up, they moved on to other jobs and repeating their brass necked exploits – even when exposed by such a publication.

    Considering what was happening – in particular with the Financial Services Sector – I decided to deliver a public training course in Business Ethics & Values.

    No-one is interested. Why? I suspect the very people who decide on such issues are in charge. After all who would want to be found out?

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  5. Steve says:

    “…I would recommend a brain scan to current politicians and corporate leaders and removing psychopaths from power all together…”

    I thought this exact thought after watching the programme. I disagree with your prognosis though regarding Anarchy; Leadership is still needed to balance the needs of the human element as well as the task.

    Just not with Psychopaths.

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  6. Sensible says:

    THE PSYCHOPATH – The Mask of Sanity – This is an ill-thought out synopsis by people who are also 9/11 conspiracy theorists. Phone your local psychiatrist and ask them for some proper reading matter.

    Hare promotes the PCL-R and it was him who first said that many leaders were psychopaths according ot the PCL-R. The PCL-R has never been officially recognised as a diagnostic tool in either ICD-10 or DSM – the internationally accepted bibles for medical conditions, despite Hare’s repeated attempts to do so. Most psychiatrists rely on proper analysis acording to the indicia of recognised medical conditions though many will say that PCL-R may give an idea that someone may be a psychopath (interstingly the score for a psychopath in PCL-R in the US is 30/40 while it is 25/40 in the UK).

    I should also say that if you look at the indicia of PCL-R then many of the traits wil be those of people who achieve and not necessarily with a lack of empathy. Lack of empathy in itself could be argued to be a basic human trait as historically we empathised with our immediate family or group and tended to consider all others as outsiders (or even non-humans). My theory is that we are getting less psychopathic with each passing generation. The problem with what all these people’s theories (including mine) is that they have not done proper longitudinal studies and they have not considered that over time people who have achieved have lead to a world unimaginably safer and more humane to people even two generations ago. So stop panicking and try thinking.

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  7. lolita says:

    @Steve I think the question ‘Who would like to be found out?’ is crucial and this also makes me think that although it would be great to be able to eliminate such people from power running a brain scanning scheme, there is a big chance that results could be faked. It would be incredibly difficult to introduce laws that would allow for such exclusion from power.

    As to the need of leadership I suggest we are all taught to believe it and it is very difficult to prove otherwise. I remember an episode of “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace” where they presented an example of hippie communes that decided to live with no leaders and failed. What was striking to me in their failure was that they were brought up in authoritarian society and their experiment lasted few months. This few months had no chance to suddenly wipe out years of conditioning even if they were tripping every night.
    Turning our society into an Anarchistic one would require years of adaptation. Maybe even a few generations would need to pass before it would truly start working. So short term you may be right that we may still need some form of leadership.

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  8. Liamski says:

    Throughout my life i have felt that i have a different perspective on life than many of my friends, i am very philosphical, i have studied Maths, psychology, biology, chemistry, physics and art to try and understand myself. I find it very difficult to relate to people when they are displaying emotion, for example, i can’t argue, i don’t see the point, but also understand that there are many reasons why people would choose to argue. I do find that i can adapt to situations quickly, for example i work for an insurance broker and find the work suits me despite wanting to do physics. This documentary pointed out alot of my characteristics and the way i feel most of the time, and enlightened me.
    I would’t say i would go out and kill someone or that anyone could present me with a reason great enough, as i would have to have some sort of empathy to do so. I would say though, that i don’t have any barriers other than the ones i create for myself.
    I have to help people who need it, usually at my own expence to justify my own existance

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  9. I have to admit, this whole thing freaked me out! It is almost like we were two different species!
    I wonder if you guys read “Do androids dream of an electric sheep?” by P.K.Dick. The androids characters in this book are a perfect description of psychopathic personalities. To distinguish between androids and humans, the suspects were given the “empathy tests” measuring their physical reactions as well as assessing the answers they gave to morally challenging questions. As androids were not able to empathise with other beings, they found it very difficult to guess what reactions were expected of them and therefore couldn’t fake them. So it looks like “androids” are among us after all…

    I feel like I can not just keep on living as though nothing happened after reading that stuff. In the past I had moments of doubt in myself thinking that I was too sensitive and my troubles to cope with harsh reality was partially a sign of being a bit “backwards” or old-fashioned in my attitudes to life. Now it is very clear to me that my attitude is perfectly human and sane.

    I think specifically about the work environments- working for the big companies where human feelings and emotions are being suppressed and all that counts is increased productivity. It is clear to me that we are not meant to function that way as it is against our nature. Years of conditioning can force us to reconcile with such life style but it will always leave us feeling unhappy and this is exactly what majority of the western societies experience these days. Obviously there is a small group of people (the psychopaths) who function perfectly in such environment and therefore they are more likely to get to the higher positions within the company they work for, making the lives of others even more miserable…

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  10. lolita says:

    @Sensible You meant to say ‘Stop panicking and try thinking like I do.’ I don’t need to be told what to do and I prefer my own way of thinking to yours. (Personal bias, sorry).

    I do not see refusal of joining Hare’s work to either ICD or DSM as proof that he is wrong. Do you know that in 50’s DSM listed Homosexuality as mental disorder. By the way according to Hare’s research many psychopaths finish working as psychologists or psychiatrists so maybe there is more to this.

    I don’t think there were many crucial scientific discoveries in the history of western world that wouldn’t meet strong opposition from scientific world, many of them were dismissed as improbable and only recognised years later.

    If you believe that lack of empathy lies in human nature then I assume you do not understand what scientific discovered about our emotional life. The people with psychotic personality suffer from specific brain malfunction and their DNA differs from others as well. This is not the same as do not feel empathy to one person but do for another. They do not feel it at all and there is nothing they can do about it. That’s a big difference.

    If your theory is true then that’s great but it still doesn’t change the fact that we have a problem meanwhile. Where exactly is this humane world of yours? Considering how many people died in Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo and other places where wars are still going on in what way are we safer? Was torturing of prisoners at Guantánamo bay humane? I think we live on two different planets.

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  11. lolita says:

    @Liamski. Are you Good or Evil? Made me question how much empathy I have for others and got me thinking about how many psychopathic traits I may have. I think that Asperger’s syndrome can manifest in a similar manner to a psychopathic personality in that people having it find emotions difficult to express and they find difficult to understand the language to do so. They may also do not express as much empathy as others.
    There is also a very strong stereotype preventing men from expressing their feelings which applies to women too if they want to be successful in a ‘manly’ job. I see this cultural bias where men are associated with reason and women with emotion closely linked to the psychopaths being the leaders. I think our stereotype of men is based upon a psychopathic personality and that’s why most men find it difficult to comply with it whilst some women naturally perform it well. I will be writing a separate blog on this soon.

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  12. Steve says:

    @Lolita “…a brain scanning scheme, there is a big chance that results could be faked. It would be incredibly difficult to introduce laws that would allow for such exclusion from power.”

    I also came to that conclusion. Their very nature suggests they could.

    “…“All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace” where they presented an example of hippie communes that decided to live with no leaders and failed. What was striking to me in their failure was that they were brought up in authoritarian society and their experiment lasted few months. This few months had no chance to suddenly wipe out years of conditioning even if they were tripping every night.”

    I am a big fan of Adam Curtis for his documentaries.
    I personally believe that people tend to be either active or passive – through nature or nurture; People also are values driven and see benefit in themselves and things. Therefore their different drives for different needs through these, means that there will always be a tension between people and like it or not, that naturally leads to authority and power.

    It may be an ideal for everyone to become a balanced, self aware and importantly, other-aware; pessimistically that is likely to take centuries, not decades.

    Part of the obstacle is the inter-generational imprinting that goes on within families which is harder form of conditioning to overcome than that through education.

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  13. Steve says:

    @hippi And don’t forget the Vulcans amongst us too…

    “…I think specifically about the work environments- working for the big companies where human feelings and emotions are being suppressed and all that counts is increased productivity….”

    I agree. Too much emphasis on Quantitative stuff and not enough of the QUALITATtive stuff. This from me, an ex-engineer! Yet the theory suggest a perfect mix of the two rather than a simple target driven numbers approach where people, if they can’t make the target, fiddle the figures so they do. Self defeating.

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  14. @ sensible- I agree that human race made the progress but i think you have no proper understanding of what lack of empathy means. Lack of empathy for the enemy, rival tribe etc is a conditioned lack of empathy, programmed by the social conditioning. This still takes place within modern societies, mostly when at war. As you said, people often saw their enemy or someone from other tribe/family as “less than human”. We still think of animals as “less than human” what gives us right to kill and eat them. However most people find it difficult to use violence or kill someone even if it is socially approved. Even in case of animals most people are not able to kill them and rely on the butchers to do the job for them. The real lack of empathy is a total lack of compassion towards other living beings- I don’t think that even most Nazis were that bad. Many of them believed, they were serving the greater good, they weren’t just killing for pleasure…

    I agree that relying purely on the brains scans is not a good idea and we should perhaps do more studying before reaching any conclusions, however I do feel that modern lifestyle promotes lack of empathy and selfishness what can increase development of psychopathic behaviour in people.

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  15. @Liamski I also thought a lot about myself and my personality traits. The article cited by Lolita- THE PSYCHOPATH – The Mask of Sanity links the Indigo Children ( with psychopaths. Even though I don’t really believe in this theory, I fit the description of an indigo child. Since the article says these children are psychopaths, or at least some of them are, it did freak me out a bit.
    I am a very compassionate person, so I don’t fit the main characteristic of a psychopath but as a child I had a feel of being superior towards others and I had my own views on things, which were almost impossible to change. For example i would never apologise to anyone if i did something wrong as I felt that i had right to this. Until i was a teenager i had no real need of socialising with other kids (apart from my sister) and i felt no emotional attachment to them. Also when i grew older for a while i felt as though killing someone was a necessary experience and only thing stopping me from that was a morality imposed on me by the society. I often felt as though there is a “door” to insanity in my head and if i ever open this door, there will be no turning back.
    I think that many of us can find psychopathic traits in our personalities, (i would be even happy to take the brain scan and see what it shows… )this however doesn’t mean we are all evil. i guess you are the only one who knows what is inside you but as long as you don’t manipulate and hurt others on purpose, i don’t think there is anything particularity wrong with you

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  16. Liamski says:

    I find it difficult to consider anything as good or evil. I see life as a combination of electro magnetic forces bound together in such a way as to create an awareness and that the universe and time are only perceived relative to these awarenesses. The way you see the universe will be completely different from another person for many different reasons. In other words i do not believe that the universe revolves around me, rather that it only exists in my own mind and that i can influence everything that happens to me and the people around me. I can’t see any good or evil in this, but it may be considered quite cold.

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  17. Liakias says:

    I’ve been terrified and fascinated by this in equal measure ever since my dad was diagnosed by a psychiatrist with what was explained to my childish self as ‘a ‘different’ personality’. He had scored 24/24 for the non-criminal psychopathy test and had turned my mum into a functioning depressive, spent hours a day ranting and shouting and swearing to the point I felt I would have a heart attack from the fear (before suddenly stopping and wondering why we were upset with him), had multiple affairs while claiming disability benefit for various mystery illnesses and got our resolutely middle class family into gangland drugs and robbery which eventually led to death threats when I was 13 and armed trying to invade our house.

    And this is just my story. With a conservative estimate of 1% of people psychopathic, and possibly 1 in 25 or even 1 in 20 with the condition, this type of suffering must be everywhere. And worst of all, it’s all so unnecessary. These ‘people’ cause horrific pain for idle whims and then rapidly change course and leave and start the cycle all over again. We can almost understand the evil genius in films who wants to conquer the world from greed and narcissism, like say Goldfinger, or the villain who serves a misguided ideology, perhaps like a religious extremist, but what seems horrifically pointless are implications of psychopathy for real-world villains. Suddenly Bin Laden isn’t a devotee of a flawed belief-system but a vain, thrill-seeking playboy who got bored with decadence and felt like indulging his fantasy of being a noble jihadi at the cost of billions of dollars, global instability and well-over a million lives. We certainly aren’t facing a war against Islam, but we’re not even facing a war against militant Islamism. The depressing truth of knowing about psychopathy is that we are facing a war against boredom; without empathy the same forces which drive the culture of mindless trolling on the internet drive people to mass murder.

    When psychopaths are in unrestrained power, the results are even worse, make history appear even more pointlessly depressing. We understand around 70 million people died in World War Two, but tragic as that is, historians and popular culture alike have tried to explain it as the inevitable result of economic woes and harsh treaties. However, as we know from recent times, the Great Depression may have been at least partly caused by amoral and risky psychopathic financial speculation and while Versailles might have been the excuse to bring Hitler to power, his particular brand of anti-Semitism and Aryan expansionism certainly weren’t vote winners or majority views. Of all the dictatorships created by the Great Depression, only Hitler’s had an aggressive foreign policy. With knowledge of psychopathy, suddenly this isn’t the evil of capitalism or fascism so much as the narcissistic and amoral ambition of a man who was essentially bored, as psychopaths are, because he didn’t have the emotional concerns which provide a central focus to most lives. Equally, Stalin and Mao’s starvation of their people and terror also stemmed from the idle psychopathic ‘fun’ of frightening people and living put their selfish fantasy’s of war against capitalistic peasants (which Mao made more explicit by always wanting to return to guerilla war and even unleashing the Cultural Revolution’s war of young vs old partly just to attempt to fulfil this fantasy). Mao also resigned from direct power just from boredom. Again, Pol Pot used everything as an excuse for violence and killed 25% of the Cambodian people, before then launching a war against Vietnam despite being outnumbered 50 to one- a war which could only be to make things more exciting and perhaps to return him to the more exciting guerilla life. Tragically, history doesn’t have to happen for good reasons or even from contradictory visions of what is good; sometimes people die in their millions just for the reason Sims die when the player takes away the ladder- because mindless killing makes them feel powerful and entertained for a few minutes.

    Bearing all this in mind, when people talk of the futility of war, they are more literally right than they know. Various studies of soldiers have found only 25% will kill even in the heat of combat and only around 5% will kill without a kill-or-be killed situation- a percentage which is probably the same as the proportion of psychopaths in the military. Knowing this, wars are then just the psychopaths on either side lining up to shoot ordinary people; just extermination of the moral rather than conflicts between groups.

    Whether a person has a conscience is the greatest dividing line between humans and prejudices between groups distract from this truth. 4 in 100 people, even 1 in 100 is too many to have such a destruction personality. Worryingly, with our welfare state and comparatively safe times, psychopaths, who have survived with a high-reproduction but low care strategy are probably out-breeding normal people who focus on providing a good life for their fewer kids, meaning without intervention our society may become more psychopathic (and it may already have happened- ‘Broken Britain’ may not just be tabloid or old-aged hysteria but a real reflection of a higher proportion of anti-social elements).

    Businesses and political entities need more scrutiny about the potential psychopathic personalities of employees and if/when possible, babies should be screened for psychopathy like other disorders. Furthermore, if at all politically possible, everyone should be brain-scanned for a psychopathic personality and the results added to vital official records, and perhaps available for members of the public to check, to avoid getting into toxic business relationships or abusive and/or destructive personal/sexual relationships.

    To add to the importance of dealing with psychopathy, this issue underpins every other. Terrorism requires murderers, 40% of all crime is committed by psychopaths (with many of the 60% being committed under the influence of or to counter psychopaths). Global warming may be effectively tackled if governments and businesses were less suspicious and less selfish. Cults and the more negative aspects of religions rely on charismatic charlatans. Tackling the psychopathic personality would end untold misery, bring countless benefits, and while it wouldn’t make the world perfect, it would make it perfect in comparison to what we know now.

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  18. Hans Johnson says:

    I side with this view. “Good people” are either too naive or too weak to have a good chance (yet). Potentially, though, they are quite more capable! Fight it out!

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  19. drew says:

    I think we overuse the word “psychopath” and “sociopath” as we do not like the thought that people really do lack any empathy for others but moreover – we have no idea who they are as they are not all intelligent and at the top of the food chain. It does not sit well with me still, after many years of reading and researching the area.

    However, good and evil is a societal construct. We must remember Millgram’s experiments. >60% were thought to be able to kill someone by a fake electric shock. This really should not come as a surprise when we look back at the indoctrination of Japanese society when they invaded Nanking (sp). I believe it was said for many killing did not come easy to start with, but after a soldier had killed a two or three people after that they did not care.
    I was interested how the US marines had to re-structure their program so that instead of hating an enemy they saw it as a form of defense, mmmm.

    What is certainly true, once people are in a situation where killing is sanctioned and then they go back into a society where it is not, many encounter PTSD. The ones that do not: moral compass? Or just being able to compartmentalize?

    We are after all animals and morality can shift depending upon our environment. The truth is, some people just do not care, others do. I wonder if this is somehow innate. Perhaps like a killer virus, we have a mechanism which controls population. That said it is not that effective compared to a virus or bacterium (the great flu epidemic or plagues), which have no morality but kill more effectively as any bomb, earthquake or sociopath.

    So, do we accept this? Do we become GODS or form a counter eugenics program to wipe out the sociopath? Ahem – I forgot, they are the ones running the show.

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  20. drew says:

    and then what….. shoot them? Sorry, I take your point, but perhaps having little or no empathy is the only way these ppl can do that type of job. It is almost like saying lets disarm the world. I would love to see it but it is not going to happen. Humans have many genes which I believe will lead to their destruction.

    The greed factor of money and power override the obvious need to tackle problems the planet faces, but nobody at that level will do anything about it as it contradicts their personas.

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  21. Dauglas says:

    Psychologists tend to make distinction beewten psychopathy(innate) and sociopathy(acquired), if that’s what happened to Loughner then he would be a sociopath.About loners. Apparently, statistically most violent people are not loners(not much surprise there, it makes sense considering loners are a minority in absolute terms).I was thinking about that the other day, maybe few loners are dangerous, but most or all genious are loners too, the people who changed our world, time and again. Imagine that people kept pushing Einstein, Mozart, the guy who invented bittorrent or that other guy who proved the Fermat Theorem to be more sociable? I think that would have probably damaged their abilities. Not to mention writers, I know a few published writers who write 12 hours a day, I don’t know how they can stand it.Also, many criminals are people who appeared completely fit. What I mean is, things are far from black and white I think.

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  22. Muhammad says:

    survival of the fittest. these eolppe know, with absolute certainty, that if they show weakness they’ll be pulled from their high tower and ripped to shreds.i provide support for a number of executives and i know first-hand the terror they feel daily, knowing the wolves are at the door all the time…on top of the fact that they have to be right 100% of time and seen as calm and professional…unless they are women of course, in which case they lock themselves in the bathroom, are unavailable until noon or hold themselves up with their hands as they walk down the hall.(these are all true tales of corporate life from my client’s perspective.)

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  23. To revive and old topic that unusually for KIA provoked a lot of outside reaction, I thought this was the perfect place to post this, about a censored speech at an awards ceremony:

    Here is the uncensored text of that speech. May it reach a bigger audience than it otherwise would have:

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  24. Thanks for sharing Anton- so they don’t even allow artists to be provocative any more?? I am really looking forwards to all this provocative art that is bound to emerge in the next couple of years- the more censorship they will bring the more people will desire to rebel

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  25. Agent M says:

    To those wondering what to do about psychopaths, clearly top down authoritarian solutions are not the answer. Instead we need to reshape society from the bottom up. We are already doing this to some degree. Maybe not fast enough, although we may reach a tipping point soon.

    The goal must be to reshape society in such a way, that in order to gain recognition and reward, even a psychopath will be forced to act ‘as if’ they had compassion. The more so the better. The more society rewards even the psychopath for building a better world, the more it rewards us all for doing it. The less even a psychopath can get ahead by hurting others, taking credit for others work and brown-nosing the right people, the less anyone could.

    In other words we need to start making the way we structure our communities psychopath proof. The way we do this is not by pitting profit against compassion, but rather making profit dependent upon compassion. Thus removing psychopaths unfair advantage, an advantage they gain at societies expense, because they are prepared to make the world a worse place for everyone in order to get what they want.

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