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This is a continuation of my journey with Selkies. As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs Seals they became very important to me and so I decided to explore the subject a bit more. Today I came across a very interesting article about the possible origins of the Seal people myths in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. The article begins from exploring two different kinds of mythical sea creatures in folklore of the islands. These two being Seal folk and Finn folk.  According to the article these two in the past were one and the same mythical creature. After reading Duncan Williamson’s Tales of the Seal People I have no doubt this is true, as the selkies in his stories definitely had a sinister side to them. The article then explores the origin of the myth as coming from the Saami people of Scandinavia and their journey to Orkney. It’s a very interesting concept. Well worth reading for anyone interested in the folklore of Scotland and Norway, selkies and ancestry. It’s an amazing insight into how people practising magic turned into magical creatures that we can contact and work with through our imagination. I think anyone could find this fascinating….

Here is a short taster:

“To get a better idea of the source of the selkie-folk mythology, I believe we need to examine the mythology surrounding another “creature” found in Orkney and Shetland — in particular its development over time and geographical space. I believe the selkie folklore is inextricably tied up with the tales of the Finfolk, and that at one time these two magical races were regarded as one and the same.

Although Orkney folklore now regards the selkie-folk and the Finfolk as completely separate, both clearly have the same source — the people the early Norwegian settlers referred to as “Finns”.

These were the Saami people of Scandinavia – a race feared and respected as great magicians.”


Here is the link: The origin of the selkie-folk

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